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Getting your car aligned is a normal component of vehicle maintenance. If you've recently had tires installed, or if you notice a change in your car's steering behavior, it's time to get your car aligned.


Bob Zook Autobody has been Bloomington's trusted car alignment service since our humble beginnings several years ago. Contact us anytime for a quote or to schedule a vehicle alignment.


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Bloomington Car Alignment Services


Whether tire or wheel alignment, car alignment refers to the adjustment of a vehicle's suspension. The suspension of a car is the system that connects it to its wheels. The key to proper car alignment is the adjustment of the angles of the tires, which affect the way they make contact with the road.


Car alignment need to be performed only by certified auto mechanics. They can help your tires perform properly as well as make them last longer. With car wheel alignment, cars can have improved handling, which in turn will improve fuel efficiency.


There are some ways to tell if your car needs to be aligned. Noticing some of these indicators should lead you to an expert mechanic who can perform car alignment on your vehicle. If you notice an uneven tread wear on your tires, observe your vehicle to be pulling toward the left or right, your steering wheel is off center even when driving straight, or your steering wheel vibrates, your car may require alignment.


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Car Alignment Services



Bob Zook Auto Body is the trusted name for car alignment services in Bloomington, IL. For any car make or model, we perform car wheel alignment specific to your vehicle's needs. With the right tools, our expert technicians accurately align your car to achieve maximum performance and fuel efficiency.


Not only is your car safe to drive with proper alignment, but you and your passengers will also feel more comfortable riding in a well-aligned car. Whether you feel that your car needs alignment you have a general alignment question, feel free to talk to us for help.


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