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A cart rolled into your car. Someone opened their car door too wide. Your kid crashed his bike into your car's door. A nasty storm afflicted your car with hail damage, leaving golf-ball sized dents in the roof. Over the years, cars are subject to their share and more of abuse. After while, those accumulated door dings and dents can make your car look older and more worn out than it actually is. 


If you've gotten tired of seeing those dings and dents, or if you'd like to repair hail damage to your vehicle, bring it back to like-new with dent repair services by Bob Zook Auto Body! Our personal care & attention to repairing your car is why we are the trusted choice for dent removal in Central Illinois. We've been active in the Bloomington-Normal community, and we'd love to give your car a new life. 


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Paintless dent repair Bloomington IL | Collision repair

Paintless Dent Repair 


Paintless Dent Repair is a procedure to remove minor dents from a car or truck’s body. Dents can come from a variety of causes, including hail damage and door dings. Bad hail storms can often bring with them many dings throughout the roof & hood of your car. Depending on your insurance coverage, you may be able to get these removed and have your car looking like new!


When extremely large dents are present, the main technique is often referred to as “Push to Paint”.  The main factor in removing a dent properly is making sure the metal & paint of the vehicle are not stretched beyond repair. If this is the case, event large dents can be safely repaired without much trace.


How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

When repairing dents & dings in your car’s doors or hood, the most common technique uses a combination of metal rods & body picks. In most minor cases, metal rods & body picks will be used to push the dents up to be even with the remaining vehicle surface. A combination of glue & special tabs can sometimes pull minor dings & dents from the topside of a panel’s surface.


Dent Removal Bloomington, IL

In most cases, we are able to effectively remove dents & dings from your vehicle. With our 5 star rated service, you will find a friendly staff and competitive prices at Bob Zook Auto Body in Bloomington, IL. Our Bloomington dent removal services are 2nd to none as we work hard to earn your business time & time again.

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