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Your car just broke down. You've been putting off taking care of that pesky check engine light. You're due for an oil change. Whatever the case may be, if you're looking for a mechanic in Bloomington, Bob Zook auto is who to trust. Click the link below to schedule an appointment. 



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We have remained a successful business for over 50 years. We stick true to our word no matter what. People in Bloomington-Normal rely on Bob Zook Autobody for an autobody and car repair service that they trust. If you're looking for a car mechanic in Bloomington-Normal, you need to look no further.


"Bryan and Team do amazing work and go above and beyond for their clients. They take care of your car down to the smallest of details."

- Ashley G.

People often rely on their dealerships for car mechanics, especially when their cars are still under warranty. In general, independent car mechanics are more trusted than local car dealerships - this is largely due to inflated prices given car warranties & rebates. Consumer reports state that the level of enthusiasm & quality of independent car mechanics is significantly higher over the car dealership repair. When Bloomington IL car mechanics sincerely want the best for your car, they will put their best efforts into fixing it.


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Identifying the right Bloomington car mechanic for your car is easy when considering the level of service, the skillset of the technicians, customer reviews, and reputation among car enthusiasts and avid motorists. In Bloomington IL, Bob Zook Autobody is known for having a great reputation in the community.


Many of our clients have relied on us for quality services over the years, and their cars have performed better because of our help. Our technicians are aware of the importance of the efficient operation of the different parts of your vehicle.


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At Bob Zook Auto Body,  we are proud of our recently established full line of mechanical services. As a full-line car mechanic, we have improved our facility by upgrading to the latest tools available to handle the repairs of today's complex cars. Our Bloomington mechanics are trained at the prestigious Universal Technical Institute (UTI) Automotive Trade School and are ASE-certified.


Aside from performing routine maintenance such as brakes and alignments, our mechanics also perform work on timing belts, A/C work, and diagnostics. When you visit Bob Zook Auto Body for a car mechanic in Bloomington, IL, you won't even realize that you're in an autobody & mechanical shop. We pay strict attention to detail in all our work, and that includes our facilities. Our mechanic shop is always clean and welcoming to our guests. 


We use the latest technological knowledge & tools to correctly identify the problems of your car and the proper methods to address them. With these capabilities, our car mechanic services are regarded as one of the best in Bloomington, IL. Trust Bob Zook Autobody in Bloomington today!


6 Signs That You Should See A Mechanic


Whether your car is a few years or a few decades old, there will come a time when issues arise that need attention from a professional, especially for those living near Bloomington, IL. This can be an expensive endeavor, which may tempt car owners to put off important maintenance, which will hurt them in the long run. We have put together this guide to help car owners become more aware of potential warning signs before they snowball into a larger issue.


Car Age


The age of your car is a huge factor in determining if you should see a local car mechanic. Newer cars will still need routine maintenance, but they shouldn’t have the same issues as cars that are five, ten, or more years old. Older cars - maybe five, ten, or more, depending on the brand - might have a different set of issues than their newer counterparts.


Check Engine Light/Other Warning Lights


Warning lights on your dash are perhaps the most obvious sign that something is wrong with your car. While they might seem intimidating, and while you may be tempted to put off addressing the issue, warning lights are the first line of defense against a potential issue. Your first step should be to consult your owner’s manual, as most will feature a diagram describing each warning light and what it means.


Some warning lights present a simpler fix than others. Indicators regarding lights or other electrical issues may be a quicker fix than a check engine or other warning. The oil level light is important and not to be ignored - by the time this light comes on, your engine is already running low on oil. Do not put this off.


Causes of a check engine light are wide-ranging and can include: failing oxygen or mass air flow sensors, loose/faulty gas caps, and failing catalytic converters (or other exhaust-related issues). Something you might not know: Autozone can plug into your car’s computer and read the check engine codes for free, allowing you to get a sense of what is wrong with your car.




This may not be as obvious to the average person, but there are a few noises more common and easier-to-discern than others:


  • Why is my car making a squealing noise? Often, a metallic squealing/screeching sound is a telltale sign your brakes need changing

  • Why is my car making a rattling noise? Potentially similar to the sound of bad brakes, a rattling/scraping sound can also be a sign of loose heat shields or other body panels

  • Why is my car making a whining noise? A whining/whirring sound can be a sign of a failing or overworked alternator

  • Why is my car making a noise while turning? A humming/howling sound when turning can indicate a failing wheel bearing, and will likely be louder in turns (as pressure is applied/removed from the bearing)

  • Why is my car making a clicking noise? A clicking noise is often a telltale sign of a bad CV joint or a half shaft.


Change in Driving Characteristics


More perceptive drivers may notice their car feels “different” than it did before. This can be due to a few things, one of which may be the car’s alignment. Loose steering, “wandering,” loss of precision - these are all signs that the car’s alignment needs attention. If you notice reduced power or the car hesitating to accelerate, that may be a sign that a sensor has failed or something else is wrong with your motor.


Reduced Fuel Economy


If you notice reduced fuel economy, that may be due to a few things including oxygen sensors, fuel pumps, oil valves, and bad gas, among others. If you notice reduced fuel economy, it may be time to see your local car mechanic in Bloomington, IL.


Tire Leaks


It’s important that you routinely check your tires, if not with a gauge then at least with your eyes. If they appear under-inflated (a properly inflated tire will not appear flat against the ground), you may need to make a trip to the gas station to inflate them. However, if your tire continually appears under-inflated even if you recently filled up, we recommend you see your local car mechanic in Bloomington, IL. We also recommend that you have a tire gauge handy, so you can determine if your tires leak.


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