Oil Changes

Conventional & Synthetic Oil Changes - Serving Bloomington IL


We offer conventional & synthetic oil changes as part of our comprehensive auto repair services. Regular and timely oil changes can prolong the life of your car’s engine. Motor oil degrades over time, making it less effective at lubricating your vehicle’s engine and transferring heat. Getting an oil change from Bob Zook  in Bloomington IL, will help extend the life of your vehicle and keep you running smoothly by:


  • Helping to free your engine from dirt and debris so it doesn’t have to work as hard
  • Protecting your engine against future rust, wear, and corrosion


Oil Filter Changes:


Oil filters remove harmful dust and debris from your motor oil. If your oil filter is worn or clogged, unfiltered dust and debris will begin to build up in your motor oil and cause wear on engine parts. Your oil filter should be changed at every oil service interval.


Choosing the Right Oil: 


Your owner's manual will list the correct motor oil for your car, light truck or SUV, but if you're unsure, our ASE-certified technicians can help with the decision. Newer vehicles may require full-synthetic motor oil, but not always. Some new cars still require either semi-synthetic or conventional motor oil for complete protection. Vehicles with more than 75,000 engine miles may benefit from using a high-mileage motor oil.


Fast Service:


An oil change is an essential part of routine vehicle maintenance, but thankfully, it’s not really a time-consuming one. Generally speaking from the start of your service, you can expect your oil change to be completed within 30-45 minutes that includes a 23 point inspection, while a full service oil change inspection package takes roughly 45-60 minutes with a tire rotation included.


Comprehensive Auto Repair & Vehicle Service:


Our oil change service in Bloomington comes as part of our comprehensive vehicle maintenance and car repair services, which include: 


  • alignments
  • brakes
  • timing belt replacements
  • air conditioning repair
  • diagnostics


We also offer body repair and paint work in Bloominton IL, if needed!